Choosing A Domain Name Can Make Or Break A Website

When selecting a Domain name, the choice of wording can, and often does, make the difference between a highly successful Website and one that is only marginal. Marketing experts who analyze websites and chart their success are quick to say that there are rules that must be observed if a site is to be successful. While not all experts agree on every point, nearly everyone suggests there are a few rules that should not be broken.

First, even though .net and .org are common, businesses should still focus on obtaining a .com domain name. Consumers are familiar with using the .com domains, and relate .com to businesses. While that association may change in the future with the introduction of new choices, those increased options may lead to even more confusion. Keeping things simple and easy for consumers is one of the keys to building a successful website.

When Choosing a Domain Name, keeping it easy to type is also important, as miskeying a name can quickly lead a prospective client to a different site. Experts like those at suggest avoiding hard to type keys like the q, z, x or p whenever possible to avoid input errors that move clients to unintended websites. Once an incorrect site is reached, there is a greater chance that prospective clients will simply give up and move on to another site.

Experts also suggest that the name be as short as possible to make it easier to remember. Easily recalled names are likely to be referred to friends and business associates more frequently than names that cannot be easily brought to mind., for example, would be more difficult to correctly recall than Adding unneeded verbiage is simply confusing for clients and should be avoided.

Carefully check for anyone with a similar name to avoid potential copyright infringements and confusion when selecting a domain name. While doing a quick search for similar names is helpful, it is a far better idea to use a service like before making any commitments. Establishing a unique “brand” is crucial to success, so taking the time to carefully consider a variety of alternative domain names early in the process will help in establishing a web identity that is both unique and easily found.